About this site...

Like Sand To Pearl is my version of “Paying Forward” the information that I have gleaned and processed in the long journey that is my current life.. sharing my personal experiences and observations of a spiritual, metaphysical nature with the world that I will one day leave behind. (Well, until next time anyway ..)


As the consummate procrastinator, I am playing it by ear, adding content periodically (all the while wishing I was more ambitious).


My focus is primarily on reincarnation, spirit guides, and life after death — but I have many interests of a spiritual or metaphysical nature, so at some point I plan to throw in some bits about numerology, astrology, split souls, parallel universes, ETs, and … cats. (I know, I know.. cats aren’t paranormal. But, actually, they are quite mystical little creatures!)


About the Author...


A Canadian-American, I began my theological exploration as a devout Catholic child in Chicago, preaching my faith to anyone who would listen. But while I felt a deep connection to Yeshua (aka Jesus), I did not find Christianity to be very Jesus-friendly. I mean, sure, Christians claim to follow the teachings of Jesus, but many don’t truly “hear” Him. He taught about love, tolerance, forgiveness, and compassion for all.


At 15 I stumbled upon a new faith: Wicca. Again, very devout. And as per my predilection, I preached to anyone who would listen. It was exhilarating and profoundly freeing! The Craft opened up a whole new world to me. But then..


I realized one day that it was just another religion, with the requisite rules and rituals. Not that there is anything wrong with that.. but it was time to move on..


What I thought was a lack of religion was in reality a theism of a different color: Spirituality! It has no rule book. It has no Mass to drag yourself to. You don’t need a middle man. You can talk to the Creator anywhere, anytime. You can communicate with your spirit guides and spirit people anywhere, anytime. You can use the power of meditation when you want to recreate your reality — instead of going through all the trouble of performing a ritual or working a spell. Or going to church. Or God forbid, spending hours reciting the rosary!


Spirituality is not a sect.. it is not a membership.. it has no fees.. there is nothing to memorize.. it is not exclusive. Anyone and everyone can connect with Divine energy anywhere, anytime.. in bed.. walking down the street.. in the bathtub.. on top of a mountain.. at the grocery store.. Seriously, what could be easier!


Someday, if this planet evolves as I hope it does, we will all be Spiritual. We will recognize the Divine in everything.. and in so doing, the Mass Consciousness of all humanity will make a quantum leap — and we will be so connected in spirit that it will be impossible to form exclusive groups or countries or political parties..


And I think I just described the objective of my website. I want to contribute, in my own small way, to the awakening of the people of Earth! 

 ~ Kat