I hate throwing my random thoughts away.


That's what we do, you know, is throw them away. I mean, it's not like we keep them on a jump drive somewhere in our brain. Oh wait.. I guess we do. But it's called the subconscious, and we can't click on it and bring up the pertinent file as needed.

Did you ever stop to think about how many thoughts you have in just one day? Imagine all of the thoughts that you ever had, in your whole lifetime ... a trillion zillion?.. Gone! All but a fraction of a fraction of a fraction!

My son always carries a skinny little notebook with him, wherever he goes, jotting down thoughts that he doesn't care to lose, or that he thinks might be useful in one of his screenplays-in-progress. I call him the King of Synchronicities because he has more — and more mind-blowing — synchronicities than anyone that I have ever known. And, amazingly, when he digs through his mountain of notebooks to find one thing or another, he is struck by some synchronicity that he never expected.


For example...


When I told him that I believed that the white feral kitten that I insisted he rescue and bring over to my house was the reincarnation of a white kitten that we had to give away some years prior (an action which left both of us with instant, searing regret) — he laughed! ... But his manner was more dumbstruck than mirthful when he called me up days later and said:


"You know how you think Benny is (that kitten's) reincarnation..? Well, funny thing.. I was looking thru one of my notebooks for something (unrelated) yesterday, and the first thing that met my eye when I flipped it open was an entry about bringing that stray kitten in the house ... EXACTLY 8 years ago, to the day, that we brought Benny in!"

Now, I don't know if that "coincidence" made my son a believer — but it was definitely food for thought — which wouldn't have ever happened if the interesting tidbit had been reliant on our memories. And my memory is getting frighteningly more translucent every day! 


When I am out running an errand, or washing the dishes, or lying in bed staring up at the ceiling — I frequently have thoughts that I want to grab out of the ether and store for later. Those are the times when I get my best creative ideas, present the best imaginary arguments, and come up with the solution to World Peace. But, alas, it all dissipates like the steam from my screaming tea kettle.. probably going to that mythical land where single socks and twist ties go when they vanish from our world... So ..


I created this page — Piece of Mind — as a venue for jotting down my thoughts, ideas, suppositions, rants & raves, and various & sundry opines, for posterity. Or, at least, for as long as I can afford to keep this website online. 

It'll be subjective. It will be my loosely filtered opinions, or my observances. It will be my pet peeves, my sarcastic or cynical barbs, and my laughter at whomever or whatever tickles my fancy or rocks the boat. I wish I could say that these will be compact "pieces of mind", but I'm hopelessly verbose. Nevertheless, I will try to keep the Pieces short. Hopefully, you can relate to some of my musings, or at least, not think cruel thoughts if you should find our philosophies at odds. Of course, if you DO think cruel thoughts, I hope they dissipate quickly!  (Insert proverbial "LOL" here)

You Know You’re No Longer in Middle Class When You:

  • tear your coffee filters in half, to make them last longer

  • know 101 different ways to prepare ramen noodles

  • set up a prayer circle on Facebook instead of going to the ER

  • have your everyday flip-flops — and your good flip-flops!

  • duct tape the broken patio chair that subs for a couch

  • hang tinsel and ornaments on your “Christmas bicycle”

  • wash and rewash paper plates and plastic-ware

  • substitute tweezers for Nair

  • have to call Two Hillbillies & A Truck when your car breaks down

  • make cat toys out of paper towel tubes and tin foil

  • always pause and take a deep breath before opening the mailbox

  • have no idea what the current price of a movie admission is 

  • celebrate a small windfall by dining at Burger King

  • substitute baking soda for toothpaste

  • make your own “A/C” by wearing a wet towel in front of a fan

  • yell out “Thank you Jesus!” when you find a dollar bill on the ground

  • microwave flour and Hershey’s Kisses in a mug and call it “cake”

  • give DYI Christmas gifts made from herbal tea bags and touille

  • decorate your walls with framed prints checked out from the library

  • tear strips from old sheets to use as bandages

  • swipe a coupon circular from the porch of a vacant house

  • avoid looking at Facebook friends’ photos of their tropical vacations

  • set your thermostat to “Arctic” in the winter and “Hades” in the summer

  • buy generic mac & cheese

  • can only use your TV for watching DVDs (or – gasp – VHS tapes!)

  • have a "stupid" phone

  • know exactly where to find the iron-on patch section in Walmart

  • put “light bulbs, batteries, and copy paper” on your Christmas Wish List

  • wash your car with handi-wipes and a spray bottle

  • mold Spam into the shape of a Thanksgiving Turkey

  • bring a book, lemonade, & folding chair to a sandbox and call it a “vacation”! 


(Alas, I have done almost all of the above!)

©Kat 2017

Okay, so veering away from my trademark spiritual fare for a moment, I had a political musing today, that I would like to share:

©Kat  2/15/2019